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Animal diseases found in swine vary in virulence, ease of transmission, mode of transmission, and host affinity. Diseases of concern are highly contagious diseases that cause significant morbidity or mortality. Animal diseases of concern are commonly categorized in the following manner.


Senecavirus A (SVA)




  • SVA is a contagious virus spread by direct contact between pigs
  • Symptoms closely resemble Foot and Mouth disease
    • Loss of appetite, fever, lameness, vesicle formation particularly on snout and around feet
    • Nursing piglets may also present with diarrhea
    • It is important that producers immediately report any suspicion to their herd veterinarian for proper diagnosis via PCR testing
  • Symptoms can take between two to eight days to begin showing
  • An infected animal can remain contagious for up to 21 days


  • Can result in short term (7-10 day) increase in mortality for piglets <7d old (~30-70%)
  • Mortality not an issue in older pigs


  • Prevention via proper biosecurity practices
  • Currently no vaccine available
  • Depopulation, cleaning and disinfection of affected facilities may be recommended

Risk to Human Health/Food Safety?

  • This disease is only infectious to swine and poses no threat to humans
  • Pork products from SVA affected herds are safe to eat
  • Due to potential work stoppage at the slaughterhouse, clinically affected animals must not be sent to slaughter until lesions have healed, consult with your veterinarian for a shipping plan

Federally Reportable?


Senecavirus A (SVA)

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