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 Big Bug Day

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Big Bug Day 2021


Big Bug Day 2021 Agenda

CPE PigSafe/PigCare Program Update   Cristiane Mesquita, Ontario Pork

Tail-biting: A Multifactorial Challenge   Dr. Maggie Henry, University of Guelph

Link Between Viral Genetics and Clinical Impact in Populations: Can Artificial Intelligence Outperform Humans?   Dr. Zvonimir Poljak, University of Guelph

Health Watch: Now & Forward   Dr. Ryan Tenbergen, Demeter Veterinary Services

PRRSv Diagnostics Insights   Dr. Marty Misener & Gillian Greaves, South West Vets

African Swine Fever - Prevention and Preparedness   Dr. Christa Arsenault & Morgan Radford, NFAHW Council

Ontario Swine Incident Command Centre & ARC&E   Jessica Fox, Swine Health Ontario

On-Farm Emergency Planning   Dr. Laura Eastwood, OMAFRA & Frank Wood, Ontario Pork

Compartmentalization: A Canadian Tool for African Swine Fever Risk   Dr. Greg Wideman, South West Vets

Invasive Wild Pigs in Ontario   Dr. Maureen Anderson, OMAFRA

African Swine Fever Permitting and Border Controls   Dr. Mary-Jordan Reed, CFIA