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Animal diseases found in swine vary in virulence, ease of transmission, mode of transmission, and host affinity. Diseases of concern are highly contagious diseases that cause significant morbidity or mortality. Animal diseases of concern are commonly categorized in the following manner.


African Swine Fever (ASF)




  • ASF is a highly contagious virus that can affect any pig
  • Symptoms usually become noticeable 5-15 days after infection, which can include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, coughing/laboured breathing, red/blue blotches on skin (often around ears and snout), reproductive failures (e.g., miscarriage, abortions, weak litters)
  • The virus spreads through direct and indirect contact with affected pigs or by vectors (people, equipment, pork products, etc.)
    • The virus can remain infectious for extended periods of time in the environment, on clothes/vehicles and on carcasses and pork products
    • The virus is not airborne
  • Speak to your veterinarian if you have concerns as its symptoms are similar to other diseases; as a reportable disease, CFIA will be involved in the final diagnosis


  • ASF has a high mortality rate with low chances of recovery; infected animals typically die within the first 10 days


  • There is no treatment or vaccine for ASF
  • Ensure biosecurity protocols are in place and followed at all times
  • Never bring pork products back from affected regions
  • Never feed any food/lunch scraps to pigs
  • Depopulation, cleaning and disinfection of affected facilities will occur under reportable disease conditions

Risk to Human Health/Food Safety?

  • This disease is only infectious to swine and poses no threat to humans
  • While not a food safety risk to humans, the virus can survive in pork products
    • Pork products (particularly from affected regions) should never be taken on farm where they may contact live pigs

Federally Reportable?


African Swine Fever (ASF)

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