PED Eimination Plan

Swine Health Ontario is coordinating the development of a provincial PED elimination plan in collaboration with Ontario Swine Health Advisory Board (OSHAB). An elimination plan ensures we have the processes in place to trigger appropriate protocols when PED positive pigs are identified. The tools developed for PED elimination also provide a framework to help prepare the industry to control and eliminate future disease challenges for healthier, more productive herds.

SHO PED Brochure

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An in-depth brochure, outlining Ontario's PED Elimination Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (download)

An information sheet, outlining frequenlty asked questions on Ontario's PED Elimination Plan

Our Mission

A New Approach
Ontario’s swine industry has a new leadership team to coordinate and align swine health management.

Develop and implement a long-term, sustainable, coordinated, pro-active swine health strategy.

The Ontario industry will have a global competitive advantage in swine health.