Control and Elimination

Control and elimination of diseases that threaten the profitability of the Ontario swine industry is a critical role of Swine Health Ontario.

SHO will collaborate with government, academia and industry to reduce the risk of significant endemic and emerging threats to swine health in Ontario. One of the first tasks SHO is undertaking is the development of a Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) elimination strategy for Ontario working collaboratively with the Ontario Swine Health Advisory Board. This plan will also serve as a response model for future swine industry disease incidents.

Total Number of Confirmed PED Cases in Ontario

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For a complete list please visit the Ontario Pork website.

Our Mission

A New Approach
Ontario’s swine industry has a new leadership team to coordinate and align swine health management.

Develop and implement a long-term, sustainable, coordinated, pro-active swine health strategy.

The Ontario industry will have a global competitive advantage in swine health.